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Vessel Chartering

From our early days of providing technical support and advisory services for shipbuilding, we have grown to become a renowned player in the Offshore Support Vessel (“OSV”) chartering industry particularly in the chartering of Accommodation Work Boats (“AWB”).

The experience which we have accumulated through the years gave us insight into the needs and requirements of the Malaysian oil and gas industry. As such, when constructing both LS1 and LS2, we intended for these AWBs to be fitted with quality equipment and accessories in order to support numerous offshore activities.

In a bid to expand our fleet and market share, we acquired an 80M DP2 Hybrid Accommodation Work Boat, named Keyfield Falcon, enabling us to participate in tenders for DP2 vessels. Thereon, we had carefully expanded our fleet of own vessels to cater to the growing demand.

In addition to owning and operating our own vessels, we also charter out third party vessels to cater for and fulfil work orders and contracts from our customers, whenever required.

Todate, our Group has completed various offshore projects for established oil and gas companies in Malaysia.

Chartering Projects Completed
Chartering Days Completed

Completed Chartering Projects

No. Project Title Vessel
1 Shutdown Maintenance for Intelligent Pigging, Pipeline and Riser Maintenance Works Laguna Setia 1
2 Pre Commissioning at B15 Platform Laguna Setia 1
3 Sumandak CTU Campaign Laguna Setia 1
4 B11 Vent Header Pipe Deform Repair Laguna Setia 1
5 Top-side Maintenance Berkat Teguh
6 Top-side Maintenance Berkat Teguh

our services

Ship Management

Our ship management services include crew sourcing, crew management and provisions to be loaded onto the vessel. Our ship management services are in line with the requirements set by regulating authorities as well as Jabatan Laut Malaysia. 

our services

Offshore Catering and Provisions

We also provide catering services onboard our own vessels as well as third-party vessels. Our catering services can be customised to meet special requirements set by the vessel owner/charterer. Great care is taken when creating the menu to include a good variety of dishes (western and local options) and we ensure that only the freshest ingredients are sourced to provide a well-balanced and healthy meal for every crew member and passengers onboard.